personal budgeting

Is there a church in your area?

Is there a church in your area that can give you some temporary help? Using those credit cards is gonna get you in deeper and they will have no mercy on you.

First let me start by saying I totally understand how you feel and where you are. My husband and I were in the same situation some years ago. I was working for the school system and we were relying on my income only. I had to use cards to pay for FOOD not eating out but food for my family. I used my cards to pay for gas to get to work not cruising around. I used the card to pay for emergencies like the hot water heater going out! It was so depressing. I couldn’t see any way out. Then I lost my job.

When I lost my job we sat down and looked at ALLLLL the bills and debts. My husband took a second job. He owns his own business and he was just breaking even. I went to work for him. We went from $32K a year to $8K a year. I began to pray.

I fasted and prayed for weeks. I would go out into our front yard and just cry out to God. I begged for mercy. At first it was a cry to God, then I began to see that things *would* be ok, then I was crying in thanks to God. It took weeks but I finally had a vision for our future and it didn’t include debt.

We cut up the cards, called the credit card companies and told them the situation. Most advised us to close the account and then we could be put on a program with reduced interest and no penalties. The payments were still close to what we had to pay before, however it would be paid in 7 years instead of 30 years.

Then we went on a starvation budget. I laid out all our bills each week and prayed over them. I asked the Lord to guide me. I would select each bill to be paid and whatever I had left over was to see us through till the next week. Once I had $30 left over and needed to do grocery shopping. I went out into my yard and held that $30 in my hand and began to pray for the Lord to lead. I went back into the house and looked in the free paper that comes to the house. I looked over the ads for the local grocery store. They had 10 pound bags of chicken on sale for $3!!!!

Once we were short $178 to pay bills. I prayed and prayed. The next day I got a check in the mail for $180 as a refund for overpaying our insurance.the YEAR BEFORE.

Once we needed money and prayed for the Lord to move. I got a check in the mail for $400 from profitsharing. However it was from a company I had not worked with for 3 years!

Long story short: we survived. God sustained us and helped us. He showed me how to really cut back to barebones. You may think there is NO wiggle room in your budget but I guarantee you there is and God will show you. Keep your chin up and your prayers going. I promise you that there *is* a light at the end of the tunnel.