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Has anyone heard of Dave Ramsey?

Has anyone heard of His show used to be on in Northern VA but now it is not.

Yes, He is on the radio everyday. Try the AM dial. HIs books are in the library. He makes sense. His overall message is to not accrue any more debt. decide to pay cash for everything. Pay off teh smaller things first, not necessarily the highest interest items. Just the smaller and then apply that payment to the larger one.

hi, what doyou mean by apply the payment to the larger one, please explain. Speaking of debt.
I got a stupid bill for $280 for my cell phone. OK. It was my fault. I called non-verizon people like my friends and my grandmother and checked my Voice Mail (at .45 a pop). My bills are usually $40-$50 a month, so seeing this bill made me go into a mini-heart attack

Lets say you have three credit debts at $25.00 per month each.

debt one is 200.00, debt #2 is 1000.00 and debt # 3 is 1500.00.

Pay the $25 each month to each one. In 8 months you have paid off debt # 1 and then add that $25 to the $25 you are paying on debt #2.

At the end of 8 months debt # 2 is now at $800.(more or less) and debt # 3 is at $1300. At the end of the 8 months you can now pay $50 per month to debt #2, while still paying the $25 to debt # 3. As you pay off each one, add the amount you were paying on the other two to the third.

Anyway, that is basically what you do. It is suggested by Dave Ramsey.

I believe the original poster means that once a lower balance card has been paid off, ie. you pay off a card that has a $1000 balance and your payments are $50 a month, that the month after it is paid off you will have an ‘extra’ $50 to apply to the card with the next lowest balance. So card 1 is $50 a month and card 2 is $85 a month, after card 1 is paid off, you will be able to pay $135 on card 2. It will then be paid off sooner because you are paying the minimum plus $50.

But wait… if this is something new they’re doing to you and this activity (Calling your friends and family etc) is ‘normal’, you need to make a fuss with Verizon!

You might want to check what kind of plan you have. My mother took ill and passed away last month and as you can imagine there were lots of calls, etc to make (I don’t use my land line as I don’t have long distance on it). I thought sure I was going to get hit with a big charge for over using my minutes but that was not the case. I have Verizon as well.