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It’s been a long while since I’ve posted and updated my thoughts about overspending and getting into debt. It’s not too early to start on a plan of action to clear the credit card debt out of your life.

So do it before January 1st and you will have a head start. The excuses can start to well up, I know.

“I still have to BUY a gift for Uncle Joe”

“I have three holiday parties to attend and can’t show up empty handed”

“It’s easier just to BUY something, than spend time preparing”

Well, I used to subject myself to these kinds of excuses every Holiday Season. I usually ended up spending money I didn’t have and racking up a few hundred MORE dollars onto my debt. Until I had to make the commitment to stop the credit card debt insanity in my life. The Christmas and New Year celebration were way different for me the next year.

Some of the things I did and that you can take the whole next year PREPARING for are these suggestions:

  1. Make a budget to BUY only small gifts for immediate familymembers.
  2. Only BUY discounted items earlier in the year for children.
  3. Closer to the holidays make a decision to put forth some effort into baking cookies to give as gifts at the office or bring to holiday parties. It’s way cheaper and it comes from your time, effort and your heart.
  4. Explain to your close friends and family members that you can’t and won’t expect them to give you lavish or extravagant gifts. You don’t have the budget to recipricate. This way noboby will be disappointed or hold anything against you.
    *** About this last point, I know for a fact that as cold hearted as this sounds, our culture is so brainwashed about GIVING during the holidays, many people have a deep seeded expectation that if they give, they should also receive.
  5. Realize that the holidays are not about who can give or receive, but it’s about LOVE, PEACE, TOGETHERNESS, and SHARING TIME with family and friends.
  6. Stay HAPPY within yourself and your decisions to not be part of the holiday hooplah. It doesn’t have to be a mad rush and aggravation to you. You will be relieved not to be part of the mess.

Start on your New Year’s resolution to GET OUT OF CREDIT CARD DEBT NOW!

You will be so much more happier for many, many holidays to come. Yes, they do come around every year, you can bet on that! Don’t wait anymore.